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T shirt Mega Sale

October 8, 2009

Hot Leg  have decided to bring Christmas forward this year and reduce the prices on all Hot Leg t-shirts available via their  online store.  All shirts are now £5 (or equivalent in your currency) and will stay at that price until they are all gone.  Several items have already sold out, so if you were thinking of getting a loved one the perfect Christmas gift (yes this is extremely early for buying Christmas presents) then you need to click on the merch link, fast.

Hot Leg’s Hot Network

August 4, 2009

All for you. Great social networking, great.

Click the panther to get there.


Order Info

January 16, 2009

From Townsend Records:

‘Red Light Fever’ is the debut album by Hotleg, it features 10 tracks including the ‘I’ve Met Jesus’ and the forthcoming single ‘Cocktails’, the album is released on CD and a limited edition translucent red vinyl LP.

Also available to order is the new single ‘Cocktails’, released on CD and 7 inch vinyl.

You can  order both the CD Single & 7 inch together at a reduced price (also available individually) add the CD or LP to your cart at the same time and get the bundle even cheaper.

For further information and to order click here

Also available from , ,  and the other usual suspects.

Track listing :

1. Chickens
2. You Can’t Hurt Me Anymore
3. Ashamed
4. I’ve Met Jesus
5. Trojan Guitar
6. Cocktails
7. Gay In The 80s
8. Prima Donna
9. Whichever Way You Wanna Give It
10. Kissing In The Wind

Steph Elmore Interview.

August 3, 2010

This is a very old one, posted up on this site in the last week or so. Dated Monday 16th feb, 2009.

Steph Interviews Justin Hawkins of The Darkness

Posted on Tue, Aug 03, 2010

Steph Elmore

Pop Ogre Review

March 19, 2010

Friday, March 19, 2010

Review: RED LIGHT FEVER by Hot Leg

If there was any doubt that Justin Hawkins was the primary creative influence behind the late, lamented The Darkness, it’s no longer a matter of debate. Hawkins’ reasons for his departure from that band and its ultimate dissolution are subject to debate, but it seems the real reason is that he was tired of having to share his creative vision with four other people, one of whom is his brother and brings all of the contentious baggage that comes with that.

Basically, if you loved The Darkness, you will love this, as it is in every way that matters their third album, only without all of the other guys and their apparently quite useless input (the other Darkness boys have gone on to form Stone Gods, a band remarkable mainly for its staggering dullness). Standout tracks include the singles “I’ve Met Jesus” and “Cocktails” (the most Darkness-y track). The first track, “Chickens,” is notable mainly for the way that it aggressively attempts to alienate as many of Hawkins’ last band’s lunkhead fans as possible with frenetic synth-noodling and the sort of vocals that Freddie Mercury would envy (it is, naturally, epic).

There’s nothing I don’t like about this album, except for the fact that no American publisher has released it yet, meaning that you’re stuck with two options: an overpriced import copy, or piracy. Do what you will: I won’t judge.

Kevin Wolf @

Rock Photographs

January 10, 2010

These photos were taken 24.12.08 and 21.4.09 by Insenerator and all of Hot Leg, but nice anyway.

411 Music – 2009 Staff Picks

January 2, 2010

8. Hot Leg – Red Light Fever: This one will have slipped under most people’s radars, maybe more so in the U.S., but even here in the UK they’re not known outside of being Justin Hawkins’ (from The Darkness) new band. They’re a great band in their own right, and their debut is full of all the huge riffs and falsetto vocals that turned Justin Hawkins into a superstar towards the middle of the decade. From ballads like “Kissing in the Wind” to high-energy classic rock with “Whichever Way You Wanna Give It”, there isn’t really a bad track on it. It’s was rock music was in the ‘80s, and what it should also be – loud, epic and fun.

411 Music

Best of 2009 – Song

January 2, 2010

Hot Leg: “Cocktails”
Justin Hawkins has been out of the limelight for some time, but since the Darkness he has been writing lots of songs for other bands and… Adam Lambert. Hot Leg is his new group, and it’s basically a step up from a hair metal cover band. But their music sounds modern. This is maybe the best song ever about mixed drinks, which is a perfect song for a bar.

2009 Top Albums

January 2, 2010

Albums of 2009: 5 – 1

Spotify Playlist for the top albums of 2009 can be found here… Does It Rock Albums of 2009

5) Hot Leg – Red Light Fever

Hot Leg - Red Light Fever

Hot Leg bring back the ‘amps to 11′ classic rock  with the return of the one and only spandex clad rocker Justin Hawkins. Justin has re-emerged blonder than usual post-drug addiction with  a sense of humour firmly in tact alongside his guitar genius, not forgetting his crafty skill of writing great pop tunes.

If you have a sense of humour the lyrics on Red Light Fever will definitely please. Lines like “Fame Academy, Pop-Idol, Are Making Me Suidical” & “It’s only because we watch this S**t that they keep on making more of it” on the talent show mocking Ashamed. “Cock Cock Cock Cock…..tails” screams the soaring queen-esque falsetto on Cocktails, not forgetting this line from Chickens a nonsensical tribute to living on your own “And the clock just keeps on ticking, There’s nothing here but this chicken”. Vocals (from Justin’s self proclaimed Truth Larynx) on this album are superb with his superhuman falsetto. Hawkins is surely one of the rock vocalists of the decade.

Vocals aside the rock never stops with huge power chords leading cracking melodies throughout this top notch album. Hot Leg are set apart from their counterparts with their use of the keyboards to bolster their rock sound, Cocktails has a distinctly 80s electro feel before exploding into their most catchy track with great melodies and a superb guitar solo as well. Their pop slantings are ever present with uber-infectious melodies and instantly lovable chorus’ flowing through the heart of this album.

If you want a hard rocking album packed with mammoth riffs, catchy melodies, fun times, chuckles galore and an epic singalong…what your looking for is Red Hot Fever.

Top Track: Cocktails – Keyboards, Guitars, Fun, Riffs, Falsetto’s, Solo’s, Melody and Catchiness … What more could you wish for?

Top 10 2009 albums

January 2, 2010

7. Hot Leg – Red Light Fever
Since The Darkness broke up and Stone Gods didn’t really carry their old sound, Hot Leg picked up the slack with Justin Hawkins’ glam rock awesomeness. I’ve Met Jesus is obviously my favourite song.

Best Albums 2009

December 27, 2009

Artist: Hot Leg
Album: Red Light Fever
Favorite track: I’ve Met Jesus
Justin Hawkins can singlehandedly keep the glam alive. Songs like Chickens, I’ve Met Jesus, Gay In The 80’s are fun and irresistable. He is over the top, right where he belongs!

Odds and Ends

Classic Rock Songs of the Decade

December 23, 2009

71. I’ve Met Jesus – Hot Leg
We gotta admit it – we love Justin Hawkins’ post Darkness band. The (now) twirly-moustached frontman’s off-the-wall sense of humour, sometimes (but not always) diluted with the ‘Ness, shines through like Bill Ward’s underpants on the cover of Sabotage on this infectiously jaunty offering. Plus we really dig the chorus: ‘I’ve met Jesus and he’s nothing like you.’ A far-out falsetto feast. Watch the video here.

A Lesson In…

December 22, 2009

8. Red Light Fever – Hot Leg

Red Light Fever

When Justin Hawkins quit The Darkness, I’ll admit…I was disappointed. More than a guilty pleasure, I absolutely loved The Darkness, and was sad to see them ago. They were the first “rock” band I got into of my own accord (Green Day were nearly that band, but my friends recommended them in 2002), and I’ll always have soft spot for Permission To Land.

From the ashes of The Darkness came two bands- Stone Gods and Hot Leg. Whilst Stone Gods gave me my favourite album of 2008, Hot Leg released their debut Red Light Fever. After seeing Hot Leg in my hometown the summer before this was release, I was expecting great things from the new material, and I definitely wasn’t disappointed. Whilst some tracks are merely “good” rather than “great”, there’s nothing bad on here, and it’s a nice nod back to when music was cheesy, but just damn fun.