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March 19, 2010

Friday, March 19, 2010

Review: RED LIGHT FEVER by Hot Leg

If there was any doubt that Justin Hawkins was the primary creative influence behind the late, lamented The Darkness, it’s no longer a matter of debate. Hawkins’ reasons for his departure from that band and its ultimate dissolution are subject to debate, but it seems the real reason is that he was tired of having to share his creative vision with four other people, one of whom is his brother and brings all of the contentious baggage that comes with that.

Basically, if you loved The Darkness, you will love this, as it is in every way that matters their third album, only without all of the other guys and their apparently quite useless input (the other Darkness boys have gone on to form Stone Gods, a band remarkable mainly for its staggering dullness). Standout tracks include the singles “I’ve Met Jesus” and “Cocktails” (the most Darkness-y track). The first track, “Chickens,” is notable mainly for the way that it aggressively attempts to alienate as many of Hawkins’ last band’s lunkhead fans as possible with frenetic synth-noodling and the sort of vocals that Freddie Mercury would envy (it is, naturally, epic).

There’s nothing I don’t like about this album, except for the fact that no American publisher has released it yet, meaning that you’re stuck with two options: an overpriced import copy, or piracy. Do what you will: I won’t judge.

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