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December 22, 2009

8. Red Light Fever – Hot Leg

Red Light Fever

When Justin Hawkins quit The Darkness, I’ll admit…I was disappointed. More than a guilty pleasure, I absolutely loved The Darkness, and was sad to see them ago. They were the first “rock” band I got into of my own accord (Green Day were nearly that band, but my friends recommended them in 2002), and I’ll always have soft spot for Permission To Land.

From the ashes of The Darkness came two bands- Stone Gods and Hot Leg. Whilst Stone Gods gave me my favourite album of 2008, Hot Leg released their debut Red Light Fever. After seeing Hot Leg in my hometown the summer before this was release, I was expecting great things from the new material, and I definitely wasn’t disappointed. Whilst some tracks are merely “good” rather than “great”, there’s nothing bad on here, and it’s a nice nod back to when music was cheesy, but just damn fun.

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