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2009 Top Albums

January 2, 2010

Albums of 2009: 5 – 1

Spotify Playlist for the top albums of 2009 can be found here… Does It Rock Albums of 2009

5) Hot Leg – Red Light Fever

Hot Leg - Red Light Fever

Hot Leg bring back the ‘amps to 11′ classic rock  with the return of the one and only spandex clad rocker Justin Hawkins. Justin has re-emerged blonder than usual post-drug addiction with  a sense of humour firmly in tact alongside his guitar genius, not forgetting his crafty skill of writing great pop tunes.

If you have a sense of humour the lyrics on Red Light Fever will definitely please. Lines like “Fame Academy, Pop-Idol, Are Making Me Suidical” & “It’s only because we watch this S**t that they keep on making more of it” on the talent show mocking Ashamed. “Cock Cock Cock Cock…..tails” screams the soaring queen-esque falsetto on Cocktails, not forgetting this line from Chickens a nonsensical tribute to living on your own “And the clock just keeps on ticking, There’s nothing here but this chicken”. Vocals (from Justin’s self proclaimed Truth Larynx) on this album are superb with his superhuman falsetto. Hawkins is surely one of the rock vocalists of the decade.

Vocals aside the rock never stops with huge power chords leading cracking melodies throughout this top notch album. Hot Leg are set apart from their counterparts with their use of the keyboards to bolster their rock sound, Cocktails has a distinctly 80s electro feel before exploding into their most catchy track with great melodies and a superb guitar solo as well. Their pop slantings are ever present with uber-infectious melodies and instantly lovable chorus’ flowing through the heart of this album.

If you want a hard rocking album packed with mammoth riffs, catchy melodies, fun times, chuckles galore and an epic singalong…what your looking for is Red Hot Fever.

Top Track: Cocktails – Keyboards, Guitars, Fun, Riffs, Falsetto’s, Solo’s, Melody and Catchiness … What more could you wish for?

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