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Best Albums 2009

December 27, 2009

Artist: Hot Leg
Album: Red Light Fever
Favorite track: I’ve Met Jesus
Justin Hawkins can singlehandedly keep the glam alive. Songs like Chickens, I’ve Met Jesus, Gay In The 80’s are fun and irresistable. He is over the top, right where he belongs!

Odds and Ends

Classic Rock Songs of the Decade

December 23, 2009

71. I’ve Met Jesus – Hot Leg
We gotta admit it – we love Justin Hawkins’ post Darkness band. The (now) twirly-moustached frontman’s off-the-wall sense of humour, sometimes (but not always) diluted with the ‘Ness, shines through like Bill Ward’s underpants on the cover of Sabotage on this infectiously jaunty offering. Plus we really dig the chorus: ‘I’ve met Jesus and he’s nothing like you.’ A far-out falsetto feast. Watch the video here.

A Lesson In…

December 22, 2009

8. Red Light Fever – Hot Leg

Red Light Fever

When Justin Hawkins quit The Darkness, I’ll admit…I was disappointed. More than a guilty pleasure, I absolutely loved The Darkness, and was sad to see them ago. They were the first “rock” band I got into of my own accord (Green Day were nearly that band, but my friends recommended them in 2002), and I’ll always have soft spot for Permission To Land.

From the ashes of The Darkness came two bands- Stone Gods and Hot Leg. Whilst Stone Gods gave me my favourite album of 2008, Hot Leg released their debut Red Light Fever. After seeing Hot Leg in my hometown the summer before this was release, I was expecting great things from the new material, and I definitely wasn’t disappointed. Whilst some tracks are merely “good” rather than “great”, there’s nothing bad on here, and it’s a nice nod back to when music was cheesy, but just damn fun.

Top 20 Albums 2009

December 18, 2009

17. Hot Leg – Red Light Fever

I was a massive fan of the Darkness, and I know that’s an unpopular thing to admit in some circles. Nevertheless, I was saddened when they broke up, as I think that Justin Hawkins is a really gifted (if immature) songwriter. Luckily, the debut effort by his next band sounded very much like the Darkness Part II. It’s not a perfect record, but the highlights are very high. Most importantly, it’s a lot of fun. The band is unashamed when it comes to the much maligned genre of 80’s pomp rock. Surprising, then, was the real artistry displayed here. The songs that aren’t intentionally tongue-in-cheek are impressive on a whole different level.


Planet Rock Xmas Party

November 12, 2009

Hot Leg will be appearing at this stupendous event on Wednesday 2nd December, at the 02 Academy, Islington, London.

Tickets available from the Planet Rock site (though a bit difficult to see where when I looked) or Seetickets.

Hooray for Man Rock and festive stuff!


Edit – Pete won’t be there, he’s off on duty with OneeskimO, so Carlos Garcia of The Crave will be stepping in. See latest Hot Leg blog, link over to the right.

T shirt Mega Sale

October 8, 2009

Hot Leg  have decided to bring Christmas forward this year and reduce the prices on all Hot Leg t-shirts available via their  online store.  All shirts are now £5 (or equivalent in your currency) and will stay at that price until they are all gone.  Several items have already sold out, so if you were thinking of getting a loved one the perfect Christmas gift (yes this is extremely early for buying Christmas presents) then you need to click on the merch link, fast.

Moonfest – 30.8.09

September 2, 2009