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Rocker Hawkins and band wow Moonfest fans at Westbury

September 1, 2009

Justin Hawkins and new band Hot Leg brought Moonfest to a successful close on Sunday night.

The former Darkness frontman had promised a spectacular entrance on to the stage and he didn’t disappoint when he roared on riding a mini quad bike.

The 34-year-old, who is a friend of Moonfest organiser John Green, and his band belted out a succession of guitar-heavy numbers, accompanied by his trademark falsetto vocals and on-stage cavorting.

And what they may have lacked in subtlety they more than made up for with sheer enthusiasm.

A new addition to Hawkins’ ensemble was a natty moustache. Sunday’s festival, at Storridge Farm, near Westbury, attracted hundreds of music fan and passed off without incident.

Justin Hawkins in action at Moonfest on Sunday night. PICTURE BY TREVOR PORTER PICTURE BY TREVOR PORTER

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