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Saturday 25/04/09 Day Two, Camden Crawl

April 28, 2009

Part of the review, below.

I have to say – Justin does not look worse. Anyone who saw photos back then will agree that he looks healthier and all round fab, now. And who said he’s not famous? EVERYONE knows his name.

You have to finish the festival with a laugh so when we spot Justin Hawkins (of Darkness fame) new band Hot Leg are playing at the grim smelling Underworld it seems appropriate we go see the man who had it all and then threw it away. For the record he looks worse for all of that Darkness nonsense, looking like a cross between a drag queen and a glam rocker (possibly the look he was going for). The funniest bit is that it’s bloody enjoyable – Hawkins retains his take-the-piss attitude and you won’t see a mosh pit or stage invasion like it at the Camden Crawl for years – he may not be famous anymore but when he dusts off the catsuit he can still rock like the best of the 80s rockers.

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