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Camden Crawl Review: Saturday Highlights

April 27, 2009

The Hot Leg bit of a long article.

Hot Leg (Listen: See them 1/6 @ Indig02)
Justin Hawkins of The Darkness leads what is hands-down the best half hour of the weekend. They sound studio-quality, with every soaring falsetto note and searing guitar solo finding its mark. They also sound exactly like the Darkness, which is exactly what the audience wants. Only these choice snippets from Hawkins’ unfazed banter can begin to do the show justice: “There is a man in a one-piece trying to top the crowd.” (Remarking on a sozzled serial crowdsurfer in a red jumpsuit who, at a distance, could be mistaken for a member of Datarock.) “No, you idiot, how are they going to see you if you’re in there with them?” (Chastizing a disobedient member of the crowd who was meant to stand on stage shirtless.) “I think you know the rules about getting off the stage during Hot Leg.” (In asking a woman to either leave the stage or remove her shirt, as per their rules.) “WE ARE HOT LEGGGGGG!” (In a song.) Why, oh why wasn’t everyone here? (Alice Shyy)

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