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SXSW Friday: Hot Sun, Hot Leg

March 21, 2009
Hot Leg Spin Ass.JPG
Hot Leg? Hot Ass!

We hit the Village Voice day party to catch a little bit of the moody/pleasant rock of Meese along with some sweet fajitas, and we were only at the Next Big Nashville day party long enough to catch some tuning up in between acts, but that’s because we managed to finagle some Spin Magazine invite-only laminates, and we wanted to catch Boston’s Passion Pit, Darkness frontman Justin Hawkins’ new outfit Hot Leg and maybe a little of Echo and the Bunnymen. So it was off to Stubb’s to clamor along with other badge-holders for a glimpse of what’s typically though of as a must-attend party. But we’re in a recession folks.

After getting our buttholes thumped beyond all imagination from in-between-set DJ offerings from Crystal Method, it was time for Hot Leg. Dude from Brooklyn Vegan told us that Hot Leg’s new record–only available in the UK–was “better than the second Darkness record but not better than the first Darkness record.” But when the band came onstage (featuring Hawkins sporting a full-length studded metal jumpsuit with a red bandanna and matching red leather gloves), we really can’t say that we cared anymore. We were here to be entertained, not courted.

Hot Leg Spin 4.JPG
Sure, why not?

The other guitarist looked like someone straight out of that band Kingdom Come (yeah! Remember them!?!?!), replete with billowy pirate shirt and leather vest. And the bass player? He knew what he was there for, and it was to make aggressively metal chewy faces.

But on to the tunes. It sounded like The Darkness, and on paper, it was everything you could want from falsetto-heavy glam rock with Queen harmonies straight off the Sunset Strip: It had blistering guitar solos, big finishes and all the over-the-top ridiculous posturing and bombast you’d expect. And there were lots of low, crotchy stances.

Hot Leg Spin Crotch.JPG
Hot crotch.

But not one of the songs’ choruses were memorable even mere minutes after the set was over. Ultimately, not one could hold a candle to “I Believe In A Thing Called Love” or even “You’re Really Growing On Me.” Highly entertaining, though.

Hot Leg Spin 3.JPG
Not really growing on me.
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  1. Panther permalink*
    March 22, 2009 3:46 pm

    This person needs their ears washing out. Justin is KNOWN for writing more catches and hooks than belong in a strip of velcro. They’ll be sorry when they’re singing in the shower – ‘Cock Cock Cocktails…’

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