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The Hawk’s Nest Review

February 21, 2009
Red Light Fever – webmissy’s review
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Red Light Fever.
Some say they have waited 2 years for this album but in truth, I think I have waited all my life.
I have been a rock fan for many years now , as my wrinkles and many fleeting fashions will testify. I have
grown up with the likes of boston, foreigner, heart, ac/dc , zztop and aerosmith. They all gave me great music,
but none gave me the tingles. The darkness, Justin’s former band,  gave me a renewed faith putting fun back into  rock an roll when it had seemed to disappear up its own suicidal and depressive arse. Justin brought it back.
I have never experienced such a firm belief in any other musician before in my life. Ok, i get the ribbing
from pretty much everyone I know for having such a strong  belief in one
chap. I have never apologised once….and i never will.
This album has been two years in the making. I remember very clearly the day justin quit The darkness. I said then  ” good- better a living ex-rockstar than a dead one” . I always knew he’d come back,stronger,  it’s in his bones,  it’s tangible and evident for all to see. I knew this album was going to be enjoyable, fun- manrock . I have seen the live shows and you tube footage. What I didnt expect was the huge level of attention to the smallest detail and the carefully crafted receipe to ensure the perfect dish that’s got me eating out their hands.
I remember when Justin got Darby on board, and the enthusiasm was abundant even then. Then came Samuel ..equal delight and then finally Pete – Justin has been quoted as saying that was the moment everything fell in place and he knew it would all be OK.
If you have experienced these musicians live , you will know why.They bonded like super glue on a butterfly wing
If you haven’t, do yourself a favour and do it, while the venues are still small enough for you to  smell the blood , sweat and tears from wonderful close proximity. I would be quick!

The album.
It opens with ” chickens”. Its  chunky guitar and drums leads you into a curiously merry melody about a life of solitude, Justin’s vocals immediately embrace you with his amazing vocal range. You can’t help but dance.
If you’re not dancing , you’re dead.
Straight into ” you can’t hurt me anymore”.I remember this going up on Justin’s ” panther” page over a year ago and it being a firm favourite with the fans then. Lyrically, the man’s a genius.Live this works well, and
on record its beat pounds through you like a piston.Musical penetration at its best.

Ashamed was immediately a favourite with me. I had heard it live on the Aug ’08 tour, but was too involved and in awe of the completed band to really pay attention to the words. Very cleverly written. Beverlei Brown’s added some delicious vocals on this track,which have you singing along from first listen. I think this one could  be a massive hit, personally.
I’ve met jesus and Trojan guitar have been heard a lot already, the aforementioned being the band’s debut single (that wasn’t download only). On the album, through great big speakers both shake the house so violently my ornaments fall off the walls and speakers – (i kid you not, that’s some pretty powerful manrock) both sound immense
Cocktails- the next single ( out March 2nd) opens with some amazing synth playing and you just know Justin had fun doing this one. The video ( see their page/ this page or you tube) backs this up. The video is probably one of
my favourites. Good fun music- just how it should be.
Gay in the 80’s is a right romper stomper. It’s a break away from anything else on the album, and of all the
tracks reminds me more of British Whale. Lyrically it’s a very cleverly written tune ( written by chas
bayfield ) combined with the perfect music, it delivers.

Prima Donna – probably one of my favourites on the album if I was absolutely pushed to choose . The opening section kicks in and before you know it you’re jumping up and down and singing along with them. It’s very bluesy and thunderous.” I deal with the iceberg while you sunbathe on the tip” being my favourite line.  whichever way you want to give it- Again this was on Justin’s panther page. I loved it then, I love it still.
I don’t know if this will get to be a single, but it is the one I firmly believe would break them into a wider
audience. People like singing about love ( they believe in it) and this one has the catchiest chorus for me
and i think it would be very radio friendly.
Finally – kissing in the wind…. Blew me away ( excuse the pun). It reminds me of Freddy Mercury and
Aerosmith rolled into one and that is a very high level of praise indeed. There are so many layers musically to it , it could be alikened to puff pastry rising in the rock oven. The words are really very touching and easy to relate to  for many.It hits you in the heart and you can really feel the emotion in his voice. simply beautiful.

The band that has been formed is wonderful. Four very lovely  men with one vision , all swimming in the same direction with manrock as their collective womb. With this album to be armed with, it’s only a matter of time before the universe falls pregnant, in a lovely non child bearing or producing kind of way.
The Fact that Justin played all the musical instruments on this album is testiment to his skill and flexibility.
As I said, I have waited all my life for this album. I just didn’t know it.
Justin, we salute you.
Hot Leg- go forth and multiply… in a fan sense of course.

I’m off to lie down, stick a large mission speaker either side of my head and feel the heat.
Red Light Fever –  get yourself infected.

**post edit** got my red vinyl this morning- it’s a thing of utter beauty.

Great music, great.

The Hawk’s Nest

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