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Rocksound Review

February 17, 2009

Rating: 7

The more cynical among you will wonder why Justin Hawkins continues to create music after no one really cared about The Darkness’ second opus, but frankly ‘Red Light Fever’ should be listened to, embraced and make you remember what you liked about The Darkness in the first place. Mr Hawkins and his new pals have created an absurd, infectiously catchy (even if you don’t want it to be) and good-time rock album. It’s not perfect – with ‘Cocktails’ and ‘Gay In The 80s’ being a bit too Flashdance for their own good – but when you find yourself repeatedly humming and singing songs like ‘Trojan Guitar’, you know Justin hasn’t lost any of his musical talent.
For fans of: The Darkness, Queen, Aerosmith

Darren Sadler

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