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HOT LEG – Red Light Fever

February 5, 2009


RIGHT. If no one else will do it, allow me to stand up for Justin Hawkins. A quick reminder of his CV: With I Believe In A Thing Called Love by The Darkness, he wrote the most important rock riff since Back In Black. He delivers a catchy hook, allied to clever and funny lyrics. He has a unique voice. He’s a stupidly under-rated guitarist. He still manages to pull off Spandex. Mostly. So welcome to Hot Leg’s debut, wall-to-wall with huge riffs, catchy choruses and Bohemian Rhapsody production. Justin has also found a rhythm section hewn from the living rock of Stonehenge. Red Light Fever should propel JH out of the clubs and back into the arenas. A joyous, triumphant, hard-rockin’ romp. GF

thesun – sftw

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