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Hot Leg: Red Light Fever

January 19, 2009

January 19th, 2009

Never judge a book by its cover, for falsetto-voiced-boy-wonder Justin Hawkins has created something very much like his previous stadium-filling band The Darkness, only better. Ladies and gentlemen, I give you Hot Leg. I thought I told you never to judge a book by its cover?

Spandex leotards have been demoted in favour of attire that would be more at home on Centre Court in W1, and Hot Leg has certainly served up a few aces here. And yes, I am being serious!

Hot Leg’s debut album Red Light Fever – released 9th February – is a return to rock god form with classic blues rock licks stimulating your musical clitoris mercilessly throughout.

Hawkins’ larynx has been rested over the last year or two, but it gets a good workout throughout the album. His impeccable high-pitched wails intertwine with trademark over-the-top guitar solos like never before, and from the first listen it certainly does sound like a return to form. Debut single I’ve Met Jesus is a scorcher of a song, but will Hot Leg always be compared to The Darkness? I recently caught up with Justin to ask him just that, and his response was positive:

‘We have just started in this band so the only thing people have to compare us to are The Darkness,’ he said. ‘However we are our own animal and I think eventually the comparisons will stop.

‘We have more drive and more focus, and the songs are more channelled to the ‘Man Rock’ vibe we’re giving out. I think we are better all round. I really do.’

Man Rock vibe? Red Light Fever is set to take spring by storm and if they live up to the hype and the songs, it will be game, set and match. 7 /10

Ian Easton

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