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Hotleg Live at the Academy Birmingham 2008

November 28, 2008

As to the live side of Hotleg, its all a bit strange, you sit with these guys chewing the fat and you think yeah, these guys are really nice, then when they take to stage your jaw hits the floor, done out like a cross between Motley Crue and fame, yes!, fame, the dancing hit tv show from the 80s , if you read my review before or seen them you know exactly what I mean, as I said in the gig review, marmite springs to mind.

you see some people ( not many ) tapping their foot and getting down and others blatantly laughing and taking the piss, for a support act they have a good long set and to be honest by the end of it they seem to have won over the majority of non believers, you cant knock the musical talent.

Pete Rinaldi on lead guitar is outrageous, Darby Todd on drums is also amazing, Justin himself, he is a showman, this is where he probably feels at his best, and he is, as for Hotleg only time will tell. The first time I caught them at the barfly which was only their second show it was camp, really camp, tonight they seem to have calmed down on the camp scale and opted for a more rock and roll performance which ultimately is why the crowd warmed to them, the laughs only appear when Justin reaches the “slam your bolloks together“ high notes, if you haven’t checked them out yet then do, you might like them, you might not, it’s a tough call, personally I’d see them again and will purchase the cd . The choice in yours.

Justin Hawkins – Lead Singing, Lead Guitar
Pete Rinaldi – Lead Guitar, Lead BVs
Samuel SJ Stokes – Lead Bass, Lead BVs
Darby Todd – Lead Drums

Review James Hope

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