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Review – Extreme & Hot Leg

November 22, 2008

@ Newcastle City Hall, November 17 2008

When Extreme last toured the UK Justin Hawkins was an impressionable kid dreaming of super stardom and developing one of the most outrageous warbles in rock. In the 13 years since Gary, Nuno and the boys pitched up on this side of The Pond the former Darkness singer has lived that dream, endured a nightmare and picked himself up to perform again. Thank God.

The world of music would be a poorer place without the happy-go-lucky Hawkins and his natural talent for coaxing something out of even the most sceptical of crowds. New band Hot Leg might be knee deep in 80s hair metal nostalgia – all tight jeans, garish basketball boots, neck scarves and head bands – but they kick ass. At one point Justin joked the quartet had to give their music away because nobody buys it. But that won’t be the case for long.

Next month’s single I Met Jesus might actually cost money but on this evidence it’s a price worth paying. In the thick of a set showcasing more contrived guitar solos than an Yngwie Malmsteen master class this was the song which, more than any other, finally convinced former Darkness fans to become Hot Leg converts.

As ever Hawkins is hugely entertaining and fair play to the lad – he wasn’t ever tempted to dip into that hit-laden back catalogue. It would be easy to give Hot Leg the cold shoulder. But you’ll be kicking yourself if you do.

For the full article, which has the Extreme part of the review, see rushonrock

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