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Hot Leg Announces New Tour

September 25, 2008

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Whether you consider them the Darkness part deux, or just something Justin Hawkins can do before he goes back to trimming hedges and mowing lawns, theres no denying that Hot Leg have certainly shown they have what it takes to be a, well, band. The foursome had a small UK club tour in August and early reports suggest the band are a well oiled machine. Hawkins quit the Darkness in Oct 2006 due to cocaine addictions and other unmentioned reasons. The band, who were dropped by their label, rebranded with bassist Richie Edwards and became Stone Gods. Hawkins, asides from a failed attempt to represent the UK at the Eurovision song contest in 2007, did very little.

The band, who are supporting everyone at the moment from Alter Bridge to Extreme, will be playing some of their own dates in Oct at selected clubs around the UK. Dates are, as you can see, included on the picture with this post. So far I’ve only heard two songs from the band, Heroes and Trojan Guitar, the latter of which you’ll be relieved to know has nothing to do with condoms. The first thing that strikes me when I listen to the tracks is, and your going to hate me for saying this but its true, Freddie Mercury and Queen. Hot Leg is perhaps just what the Darkness would sound like if they were still going today. Extreme will be happy, as fans of them know they are huge fans, and Brian May once introduced a live set from the band in 1992 saying they “get Queen more than anyone else in the music industry” which is obviously a great compliment. Extreme also composed that song, you know, the one they play at every wedding and funeral in the country. “More Than Words”
Not missing a chance to have a good time and enjoy a great gig I’ve already gotten my ticket!

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