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Justin Hawkins: Man About Rock!

September 11, 2008

Thursday, September 11, 2008

In 2006, the implosion that was The Darkness left a void in the rock community, and whether or not you loved The Darkness as much as I did there is no debating that their first album “Permission To Land” was a breath of fresh air. And although “One Way Ticket to Hell” was not received as enthusiastically I still maintain that it was a sonically superior album.
After battling an annual $350,000 (American dollars) cocaine addiction, as well as musical differences with former band mates, Justin Hawkins left The Darkness, entered rehab, and re-emerged a little older, wiser, better at tennis, and ready to save rock and roll once more. This time around our rock salvation is spelled Hot Leg.
Hawkins has been hard at work for the past few years makin different music. His short lived British Whale project birthed singles like Sparks cover “This Town Aint Big Enough For The Both Of Us” “England” and “America”. Those who have really been following Hawkins also know of his conservation awareness track “Do It In The Dark” and Eurovision entry “They Don’t Make Em’ Like They Used To” (co-produced with Beverly Brown).
The above songs are good if not great, but Justin is absolutely at his best in new band Hot Leg. No longer a solo artist, Justin has struck a wonderful stride with his new band members: Pete Rinaldi (Lead Guitar-this guy is great!) Samuel Stokes (Lead Bass), and Darby Todd (Lead Drums).
The laser like sound of Hot Leg delivers not only killer riffs, hard hitting drums, and great vocals; Hot Leg also experiments with some syhtns here and there which ultimately rewards the listener with a fucking monstrous and melodic sound.
Hot Leg’s first single “Trojan Guitar” is an epic tale that may or may not echoe what occurred between former band mates.
“Trojan Guitar” Lyric Excerpt:
Here I lie dismembered
The mutiny is surrendered
They will always be remembered
As the cowards that they are
All along they pretended
The enemy they befriended
They sacrificed our splendid plans to make a qucik de la
Just as all hope is dwindling
broken up into kindling
I should build us another trojan guitar!
Other tracks like “Gay In The Eighties” “Whichever” “Heroes” (Myspace Exclusive) “I’ve Met Jesus” are all perfect blends of brain slicing guitar, power pop, and the catchiest of chorus-i. Currently at Clicky there is a mega mix available which samples some of these songs as well as one of my favorites “You Can’t Hurt Me Anymore”
“You Can’t Hurt Me Anymore” Lyrics Excerpt
I am alone, boresome it’s not
I’ve got to chill, well serves her
I had a life, but I gave it to you
You took my heart, and tore it in two
Just the glimpse of your behind use to make my day
I didnt care that you turned my friends away
All I have to do is paint over the cracks
Get back to makin like a beast with two backs
I fell in love with you because you were a girl,
I still love the female form so lets give it a whirl
You can’t hurt me anymore
If you liked The Darkness or just want to have a Kick Ass Day check out Hot Leg at their myspace page listed above. Also look for their “Hands Up Who Loves Hot Leg” tour currently taking the UK by storm.


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  1. June 1, 2009 3:23 am

    I loved The Darkness’ Permission to Land. One way Ticket was lukewarm. Maybe this is due to my being biased having been pre-emptively warned of low expectations. It was a pleasure to listen to all of the songs on One Way Ticket, don’t get me wrong – I listened to that album non stop for a few hours while I was studying for exams.

    However, it’s replayability value is quite poor. I hardly ever listen to Hazel Eyes or Is it Just Me? anymore, whereas I would still love to play Love is only a feeling, I believe in a thing called love, and Friday Night.

    I didn’t have high expectations for Hot Leg, probably for many reasons. For one reason I was very disappointed in the fact that the Darkness had been separated.

    BUT – Trojan Guitar totally blew me away. So here’s to high hopes for the return of glam, Justin Hawkins style. I’m just not that into the Wolfmother stuff haha

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