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Hot Leg : King Tuts 9th August

August 25, 2008

I probably should confess early doors that I’m a huge admirer of the spandex clad rock beast that is Mr Justin Hawkins. As front man of The Darkness, he laughed in the face of fashion and sensibility, daring to bring fun and showmanship back into rock music. While many “serious” music writers wrote off the man from Lowestoft as being gimmicky with fleeting appeal, The Darkness defied by finding an audience with who lapped up the well written songs and energetic live shows. For those too young to remember the days of perm-based debauchery, The Darkness provided the perfect reminder as to the fun and enjoyment that runs throughout the history of rock and roll. And let’s be honest: a man who wears spandex jumpsuits isn’t going to listen to what’s “sensible” now, is he?
‘Kenny Everett’ –
Full article not reproduced, as requested.
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