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Hotleg & Justin Hawkins Live @ The Barfly Birmingham

August 12, 2008
When the mail came through confirming the pass for HOTLEG I thought to myself, this I have got to see, the return of Justin ‘Dave’ Hawkins, we all witnessed the prolific rise of ‘The Darkness’ and also the public demise leaving Hawkins needing rehab, what was he going to do? Is he re-inventing himself? new direction? well tonight I find out.

I stood with Justin pre-show, he looks well, happy and excited, at 9 O’clock Hotleg take to the stage and at this point in the review I feel I need to apologise if I offend anyone, but I’ve got’a say it as I saw it, Hotleg, is the campest rock band on the planet, oh yes my friends, they most certainly are, they fall just shy of Elton and David’s wedding on the camp scale, but Hawkins stage persona is still impressive as he struts around the stage, Justin is a crowd pleaser who loves the attention. The music comes over very heavy (in a camp way) as the band go through their repertoire with Hawkins doing all the right moves, his devoted followers, donned with headbands to resemble their hero are watching his every move.

Actually mid-show something did happen, a lady fan of 70 odd !, had written to Justin to say she had quit listening to music after he left ‘The Darkness’, so Justin and the band invited the lady to the show, Rita joined the band on stage (slowly) given the mic and the band burst into ‘Thing called love’, a nice touch from Hawkins.

Tracks like ‘gay in the 80s’, ‘Do it in the Dark’ & ‘Prima Donna’ see Hawkins & Rinaldi (doing some outstanding lead solos) are flirting with each other, swapping guitars mid song and getting far to close for comfort, it’s a bit like the TV program ‘The Office’ you cringe and feel embarrassed, but you love it and even discuss it with your mates, Hotleg are the same, its outrageous campness, you cringe, but at the same time you love it, its hilarious camp rock music that only Hawkins gets away with, if you are a fan of the Darkness then you already know Hotleg, if you’re an old git like me, and you remember bands like the mighty “Sweet” and one of my favourites Marc Bolan, then go and get down with Hotleg.

Over all I’ve enjoyed my Hotleg experience, its good time rock n roll and no one is going to get disapointed. Right, I’m off to buy a headband, spandex pants and then settle down with my shiatsu on the settee and catch the re-runs of Will & Grace ….

Justin Hawkins – Lead Singing, Lead Guitar
Pete Rinaldi – Lead Guitar, Lead BVs
Samuel SJ Stokes – Lead Bass, Lead BVs
Darby Todd – Lead Drums, Lead Drums
more photos on the site
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  1. danny permalink
    November 22, 2008 9:02 pm

    hey HotLeg me my dad and his wife seen u at the Carling Academy when u supported Extreme, we enjoyed ure set, good luck,us

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