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Hot Leg, featuring Darkness’ Justin Hawkins, has an album on the horizon

July 3, 2008

After the one ubiquitous Darkness melted down in 2005 after their dissapointing sophomore album One Way Ticket To Hell…And Back (which I maintain was the worst album title of the decade), Justin Hawkins, the possessor of the finest metal falsetto this side of Freddie Mercury, is…back. His current band is named Hot Leg, which has a solid and surprisingly un-campy MP3 “Heroes” available for download and a new album recorded. They also have a video diary than is more cinema vérité than Behind the Music.

Will Hot Leg be able to recaputre the heights of 2003’s Permission to Land, or will it be something new and/or not as good? Like a dancer who shimmys when all else fails, Hawkins can still survive a bad album scream in falsetto ad nauseum.

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