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June 7, 2008

Lifted from the Hot Leg MySpace.

Hot Leg – Music Songs For Your Listening Delight!
Forged in the embers of Pete Rinaldi’s Vancouver, Hot Leg are an entirely hairier beast, and one that demands to be taken seriously.

Justin Hawkins’ patented ‘Truth Larynx’ is the perfect foil to the 6-stringed rapier of Pete ‘Liquid Guitar Hands’ Rinaldi, master luthier. Meanwhile Samuel SJ Stokes and Darby Todd have emulsified into one muscular unit now known only as ‘The Powerzone’.

Four men with at least one machine apiece operating in pitch-perfect harmony. This is the finest musical group of our time.

Hot Leg: The Platinum Collection, the biggest selling music album of all time is scheduled for release later this year on Barbecue Rock Records. In the meantime The Leg can be witnessed at a whole host of exciting music concerts.

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